We understand the importance of finding a great home to lease - while minimizing the stress throughout the process. We believe it is important to clearly explain rent payment options, services, terms, policies, and ramifications if rent is not paid on time. We strive to make the application process, lease agreement, move-in, inspections, maintenance, move-out, rent payment, and  security deposit return crystal clear and we have established systems and policies to guide our tenants through each step of the process. We believe it is important to set clear expectations for our tenants so that they enjoy their new home.


Qualifying Criteria

We screen applicants for our rentals. We do a background check which includes criminal history, rental history, income, employment and credit check.

You must have verifiable steady employment.

Income must be 3x the rent. Your income must be verifiable.

No violent felony convictions againts people or property within the last 5 years.

Positive rental history with no evictions.

Credit score must be 580 or better. We care about the actual report more than the score. The debt must not prevent your from paying rent on time.




Application Process

We highly recommend you attend our open house before you apply. If you have viewed a home and you are interested in moving forward, the next step is to submit an application. Click on the application button to download or print the application. Complete the application, sign it, and return to us by email or by fax.


Email to: lmccoy@lamacpropertiesllc.com
Fax to: 800-664-4580


Once we receive your application, we will contact you to collect the application fee over the phone by a debit or credit card. We use the application to run a credit report, criminal history, and to verify employment & income. Most applications can be processed within 24-72 hours. To be approved you must have enough income to afford the home, and have no prior evictions on your record.


Once approved, we require an Earnest Money deposit to reserve the home and take it off of the market. When we receive your Earnest Money we can reserve a home for up to 7days. If you fail to sign a lease within the prescribed time, your Earnest Money is forfeited. Once you sign the lease, the Earnest Money becomes part of the Security Deposit.


Security Deposits are required by each tenant before they can take possession of the home, and must be paid in full at the time of lease signing. If you have paid Earnest money to reserve a home, once you sign the lease the earnest money becomes part of the Security Deposit.


About Us





At LAMAC Properties, we are dedicated to the comfort and security of our tenants. Beginning with the leasing process, we work diligently to make sure our residents are satisfied with their leasing experience. Please contact us for any reason whatsoever. We are here to serve you to our best ability!


Contact us today at (678) 834-0960.

Areas we provide rental services:

  • Metro Atlanta, GA
  • East End NewportNews, VA



 Our Team



We have over 25 years experience in providing great customer service to residents along with quality rental homes. Our hands on approach makes it easy to provide the best service possible to our residents.